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All our Maringa products are made at our Moringa Oleifera plantation in Queensland Australia and are made onsite, from both local and imported ingredients to ensure only the highest quality products.

We do not licence our Cosmetic Intellectual Property to be manufactured by Third Parties.

We use natural spring water and the power of the sun to allow nature to create its wonders. This ensures that all products are natural and contain no synthetic chemicals.

Our priority is to guarantee that all of our products are of highest quality, to ensure maximum health benefits of the precious Moringa Oleifera plant.

Because our products have been rated very highly by our customers in Australia, we are of the opinion that it is time to share our unique creation with the world.

We hope that you like our high-quality Maringa products so much that you will recommend them to all the people you care about.


The Maringa Farm Team

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