Moringa Leaf Tea


Moringa Tea is a spicy, delicious blend made from the natural Moringa leaves. Maringa Tea comes in original flavor. The leaves are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality and naturally dried, containing no artificial colours, flavors or preservatives.

Content: 25 tea bags

Product Description

Maringa tea complements the daily-required essential nutrients, amino acids all natural vitamins and minerals. It is s rich in natural antioxidants that are beneficial for inner body wellbeing.

One tea bag is enough for one cup of good tea. Pour water over the teabag. Cover and leave to brew for 5-6 min.
100% dried Moringa leaf
Traditional used Moringa Tea boosts the immune system, supporting the metabolism and the cell structure of the inner body. It strengthens the cardio vascular system & detoxifies the body of toxins combating premature aging.
Moringa leaves tea supports the normal blood sugar levels of the body, promotes a better night’s sleep and has essential nutrients for brain function. The Tea is Traditional used to  improve the body’s anti-inflammatory mechanisms and has proven to be a positive impact on healthy weight loss. It increases energy and vitality and gives a feeling of General wellness.