Moringa Oleifera Lip Balm


Our Moringa Lip Balm is a all Natural pleasantly creamy, long lasting and non-melting lip balm.

Content: 4.5g

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Product Description

By adding valuable Moringa oil, coconut oil and vitamin E, the Maringa Lip Balm is the perfect hand bag companion for the whole year. On sunny, cold and windy days, it protects your lips from drying out and cracking by providing necessary moisture and nourishment, leaving your lips pleasantly soft throughout the day.
To your desires the Maringa Lip Balm can be purchased in a tube or in a in an elegant jar.

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Gently apply Maringa Lip Balm to your lips as often as required.
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Moringa Oleifera Seed Oil, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Cera Alba, Tocopherol