"Maringa Farm® A Plantation of The Miracle Trees: Moringa Oleifera. Creating high quality beauty care products in Durong, Queensland, Australia." An interview with Mario Pikoss

What inspired you to start your own business?

Do you want the truth and nothing but the Truth? What inspired me to make cream? Well my wife is a Beautician by trade and what do you buy for a beautician when you get them a gift? Well I bought cream, mountains of cream.

I bought the cheapest creams to most expensive creams, but I could never find a cream she was completely happy with. Always something was wrong, too oily, not oily enough, to thick, to thin, doesn’t last long enough and the biggest complaint, too much perfume.

Anyway this went on and on and on for years. So I started reading up more and more, about how to make creams and then one day I stumbled across an article about Cleopatra’s tomb. I read that in some of the jars they found beauty cream that contained bees wax, Moringa Oil, Frankincense and Cypress Grass. Something inside clicked and then booked myself into an Online Cosmetics Course run by a Las Vegas firm to learn how to make cosmetics. At this point I still hadn’t decided to build a business, as all of this was just to make cream for my wife.

A few hundred mixes later I finally made one that my wife was happy with. Then I thought more women must be like this so I made more and sent free samples everywhere to gather honest feedback. Then a company in Europe contacted me and I sent them a lot of samples. I was really worried about what they would say when they called me. I had all these negative thoughts floating around in my head but when I answered the phone, they asked “How much can we have and when can we have it? Do not change it, keep it exactly as it is.” I was going into business.

What is the Brand’s Philosophy?

To craft and distribute scientifically proven recipes of the highest quality care products for achieving and maintaining healthy skin and anti-aging, in the harshest climates. Made with Moringa Oleifera, combined with Love and other organic, natural ingredients.

What is your Greatest Achievement?

Firstly, making a cream that my wife really loves using. Successfully completing the legal process for CPNP was a very big achievement. The CPNP is the European Standards of cosmetics which has a reputation of being very strict. It is a minefield of back and forth paperwork, laboratories, web sites, samples, accelerated stability testing, container testing and so on and so forth. I went through it all because the first company that contacted me was from Europe. Had I known how much time, money and energy it would take, I would have stuck with making it for my wife.

Now that it’s all said and done, I’m all in and the family is too.

Now we have wholesalers in Germany and China with more negotiations happening in other countries like the USA, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, Italy, Spain and the list goes on.

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Mario Pikoss
Founder of Maringa Farm®